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6 Tips for a Healthy Scalp

Do you know what the real secret behind healthy hair is? 

A healthy scalp.

The scalp constantly sheds dead skin cells, and if not dealt with properly, this dandruff, dry scalp and itchiness. These ailments do not cause hair loss on their own. However, severe dandruff can lead someone to over-brush their hair or scratch their scalp roughly, which can damage the hair follicles and worsen hair loss.

Your scalp health needs specialised care and attention, and here's how:

1. Wash your hair regularly

This is recommended to be done two to three times a week, as washing it too much can dry out your scalp, but not washing it regularly can cause a build-up and make your scalp and hair oily or greasy.

2. Massage your scalp

A scalp massage once a week is proven to be beneficial as it promotes good blood circulation to the scalp, calms nerves, and relaxes muscles.

You can massage the scalp for about 3-4 minutes with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion with a steady pressure. Your fingers should be under the hair to avoid pulling.

3. Have a balanced diet

Your diet can also cause imbalances in the health of your scalp, as full-fat dairy products, high-sugar or spicy foods can all irritate the scalp. If you are sensitive to an itchy or flaky scalp, you might want to take a closer look as your diet may be intensifying the issue.

Green leafy vegetables, lentils, legumes, beans, nuts, eggs, fish, and chicken are all great and diverse sources of protein that encourage hair growth. 

4. Protect your hair

    Many people often neglect protecting their hair and scalp from the environment, like pollution and dust in the air.

    Protecting your hair with a scarf or hat, especially on a dusty or hot day can be helpful in keeping your scalp healthy, as pollutants in the air as well as the sun can strip your hair’s moisture away.

    5. Get a good night’s sleep

    Our body does its most important work when we sleep, like recharge, restore and rebuild cells, as well as strengthen muscles, bones, skin and hair.

    Giving yourself 6-8 hours of rest every night is essential in keeping your hair and body healthy and refreshed.

    6. Use a Scalp Cleanser once a week

    Over time, the accumulation of styling gels, sprays and other products, as well as sweat and the sebum secreted from the scalp can cause follicles to be clogged, and give the appearance of limp and unhealthy hair.

    Using a scalp cleanser, especially one with beneficial herbs such as Ginseng and an abundance of Vitamin E regularly can prevent this and stimulate hair growth for healthy roots & strong hair.


    Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser
    , that is formulated with patented SKYLAKE oriental herbal extract and Ginseng, containing high amounts of saponin that effectively helps clear dandruff formation, strengthens the hair roots, and stimulates hair growth that delays scalp aging, and relieves/prevents itchiness. It helps your scalp to the extent greatly for hair fall treatment.


    Ginseng is beneficial to your scalp health and hair growth as it improves blood circulation while fighting hair loss. The improved blood flow to the scalp also results in prevents hair thinning and breakage.

    Supported with Vitamin E that can regenerate damaged hair cells, and Geranium extracts that can nourish your hair, this is a must-have for a healthy, clean, and fresh scalp!