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About us

Kloft is the online store of Hebeloft, a renowned Singapore K-beauty retailer and distributor founded in 2012. At Kloft, we're passionate about #cleanbeauty that works and devoted to curating a range of high-quality K-beauty products for your needs in hair care, face care and body care. We're committed to professionalism and bringing you the products you need to achieve your best and healthiest self yet.

All our products are:

  • Effective in addressing common skin concerns
  • Authentic and ethically sourced and made
  • Carefully curated and tested by our team
  • Free from harmful ingredients

From dryness to dullness, we have the right treatment for you. 


Why K-beauty?

Improve your look with Korean innovation

Whether you have dry skin, hair loss, skin flaking or any other beauty concerns, we have a product that can help. Korean beauty marries natural ingredients with cutting edge technology to deliver products that treat the underlying problems in your skin. Experts in the field emphasize that Korea is always ahead of the pack in product innovation – and we couldn't agree more. When you shop from us, you can expect high-efficacy products powered that deal with a diverse range of skincare and hair concerns at great value for money. Our products are free of harmful ingredients and are ethically made and sourced as well. 


What's more?

Fast, smooth delivery

Our warehouse in Australia enables us to deliver these Korean skincare products to you as quickly as possible. We process orders right away, and we work closely with reputable shipping companies to ensure that your items get delivered fast and safely.