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Hidden Uses Of Pretty Skin Aloe Vera Gel, A Must Have For The Summer Under $20

Aloe vera soothing gel is a well-known moisturizing product in Korea. It is suitable for people of all ages. It is said to be a must-have skin care product at home. Made from natural aloe vera ingredients, it is very friendly to various skin conditions, especially irritated skin from caused by sunburnt. In addition to moisturizing, do you know the hidden usage of aloe vera gel? It turns out that it can soften hair, and even prevent mosquitoes and itching.

Check out Pretty Skin Aloe Vera Soothing Gel which includes aloe vera leaf powder from Jeju. Free from paraben, mineral oil and artificial pigments. It is safe, effective and pocket friendly, a top favourite cooling product for the hot summer weather * A tip is to put the gel in the fridge before use!

Aloe vera gel usage

The general official usage of aloe vera gel is recommended to be applied to dry and sensitive parts of the face and body. It helps to soothe, calm, moisturise, reduce inflammation, antibacterial, reduce swelling, relieve pain, etc., but it has other wide range of uses.

In addition, aloe vera gel can also be used as a hair mask; girls often perm and dye their hair, which will cause the hair to become damaged and dry. When shampooing, combine aloe vera gel and conditioner and apply it to the damaged part or the end of the hair, wait for 5-10 minutes and then rinse, or dry after shampooing, before blowing or when hair is half dry.

Here are more hacks to try out:

[Aloe vera gel + liquid foundation]

In any case your favorite foundation is not moisturizing enough, you can combine aloe vera gel and liquid foundation in a ratio of 2:1, and then apply makeup.

[Anti-wrinkle eye mask]

The aloe vera gel can be simply mixed with a cotton pad and apply to the eye area, it covers and slightly lifts the fine lines under the eyes. After 20 minutes, you can experience improvement in the rough texture.

[Moisturizing lip care]
Aloe vera gel can also be used as a lip balm/lip mask, just apply a thick layer on your lips before going to bed and wake up the next day to a moisturized kissable lips! 💋

[Anti-inflammatory and stop flow of blood from cuts]
If you have a cut on the skin and you start bleeding profusely, you can apply aloe vera gel on the affected area, as aloe vera contains a variety of active ingredients needed by the human body, which are good for antibacterial, promoting wound healing.

[Anti-itch and soothe bites]

Bites can be very itchy and irritating, however, Aloe vera gel can be the saviour  to relieve itchiness, inflammation and discomfort, apply a layer of aloe vera gel on irritated area.

[Repair after sun exposure]

Aloe vera gel has a calming and moisturizing effect, so when you get sunburned or reddened in summer, you can apply the iced aloe vera gel on the sunburned area. After 10-15 minutes, you will feel soothed and calmed, reducing redness and swelling.

[Soothing after hair removal]

Whether it is after hair removal for girls or after shaving for boys, there may be small wounds or redness on the skin. As long as you apply aloe vera gel, you can instantly soothe the redness and hydrate the skin.

How to Use