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Out with the old dry skin and in with new skin with the use of Body Scrubs

Body scrubs have been around for quite some time and a variety of it has emerged throughout the years, including those made of Salt, Coffee, Sugar, Charcoal and even home-made recipes. It is also a favorite gift idea, you might even have them sitting in your bathroom right now. 

There are many more wonderful benefits than you might think of aside from just smoothing your skin.

It is also a very good exfoliator for your skin. It is the process of helping to get rid of dead skin cells and cleaning your pores while reducing the appearance of acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. Regular exfoliation also allows for better penetration of serums and moisturizers so that they work more effectively. Just by using a body shower scrub brush isn't enough. Try using body scrub cleansers like the On The Body Veilment.


Select a range of aroma of relaxing scent:

Himalaya Pink Salt Scrub Body Wash

Resembles the originality of the sea salt flavour

Lavender Scrub Body Wash

Aromatic Lavender Scent 

Black Rose Scrub Body Wash

The sweet scent of fresh flowers

Dead Sea Scrub Body Wash

A citrus and ginger scent 

Alaska Glacier Scrub Body Wash

Refreshing Citrus Mint scent

Each scrub contains Israel dead sea salt which is high in minerals (1,000ppm) combined with advanced Korea Research Institute Of Dermatology. This mildy acidic body scrub is definitely suitable for sensitive skin.

Able to use daily, if you have dry skin, use a few times a week. 

Enjoy a luxurious shower spa at the comfort of your home!