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Skin Flooding- Tiktok's Newest Korean Skin Care Trend For That Glass Skin Look

It's especially hot during summer and dry during winter in Australia and with the heat wave that is happening in this century, this trend hits the spot. As the name suggests, the trend involves “flooding” dry skin with moisture by layering damp skin with a series of hydrating skincare products like mists, serums, and creams.
The main idea is to start with a lightweight moisturizing product and build it to end with a thicker texture to seal the moisture in the skin. What a great way to compensate for all the moisture that has been lost.


Always start with your thinnest product and end with your heaviest as this enhances absorption. If the first product is too thick or occlusive, it can affect the penetration of the other products and compromise the whole function of it.

In conjunction with our new take on SKIN 1004 skincare line of products, originating from the untouched nature of Madagascar:

Start by using the Centella Light Cleansing Oil ($45) to remove makeup or any impurities and pair it with the Tone Brightening Cleansing Gel Foam ($28) to exfoliate dead skin cells while brightening the skin after washing. 

Next, apply a few drops of Poremizing Clear Toner ($32) to a cotton pad or on your fingers and pat gently onto the face. While skin is still glistening, apply a moisturizing Centella Ampoule ($53) that contains 100% Centella Asiatica Extract which helps to calm and restore imbalance in the skin caused by harsh environments with a non-sticky formula. 

Once you have flooded your skin with moisture, lock it in by using the Centella Soothing Cream ($38). It protects and strengthens the skin barrier with 4 types of plant-based ceramides with mildly acidic pH to match the pH of your skin.

If you are heading out, don't forget to apply Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum SPF50+ PA++++ ($32). This unscented sunscreen has UV protection, is super lightweight and hydrating, giving a non-greasy dewy finish.

*Prices are usual price before discount