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The Best Bodycare Products Available Online- Kloft

For soft, smooth, flawless skin as your Korean celebrity, buy the best Korean body wash, scrub, and more online at Kloft.

Korean skincare products have carved a niche in this abundant skincare market. The natural ingredients used in the products provide nourishment and care to the skin, which is hard to find in chemical-based products. The bodywash, scrubs, and gel from the Korean body care range create a splash in the skincare market.

If you are looking for the best body wash and scrub combination, then you should take a look at Kloft. It's an online clean beauty store in Australia that offers organic and natural personal care products. It has a wide range of body washes and body scrubs of premium Korean brands made with premium ingredients that nourish your skin.



Online shopping stores are the new “Shopper’s Paradise.” 

Kloft is the leading online authorized seller in Australia for Korean hair care and body care products. It is also one of the best online stores for a wide range of body wash for men and women. The body washes are made from natural ingredients which are free from paraben, artificial colours and animal derived  ingredients to keep your skin healthy and soft.

● At Kloft, you get 100% authentic products.

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We are all aware of the importance of having a great skincare routine. Therefore, it is important to find the best body wash and scrub for both women and men. Australians are obsessed with their skin and the skincare products they use to keep it healthy, smooth, and moisturized. 

How to Find the Best Body Wash and Scrub?

The best body wash and scrub is the one that most closely matches your skin type, your skin concerns, and your personal preferences in terms of scent, texture, consistency, etc.

While many different brands are available in the market, not all of them can give you the best results. You can trust a Korean product range available at Kloft. Shop the most exotic Korean body care products of the following brands:



# On The Body:  

The On The Body body wash range gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Before beginning your day, the soothing smell and natural ingredients are just what you need. It comes in many formulations:

● On The Body Veilment Natural Spa Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub Body Wash

● On the Body Veilment Natural Spa Lavender Scrub Body Cleanser

● On the Body Veilment Natural Spa Black Rose Scrub Body Cleanser

● On the Body Veilment Natural Spa Alaska Glacier Scrum Body Cleanser

● On the Body Veilment Natural Spa Dead sea Salt Scrub Body Cleanser

● On The Body Damask Rose Body Wash

● On The Body Romantic Iris Body wash

● On the Body Blooming Cherry Blossom Body Wash

● On The Body Happy Breeze Perfume Body Wash

● On The Body Natural Garden Perfume Body Wash

● On The Body Sweet Love Perfume Body Wash


Body Gel is so prevalent in Singapore that it’s the perfect moisturizer for Asian skin. The consistency of body gel is easily absorbed and provides a longer-lasting layer of hydration without being too thick or greasy. Body Gel available at Kloft contain high-quality ingredients like aloe vera.

# Pretty Skin: 

Pretty Skin Aloe Vera Soothing Gel soothes, calms, and refreshes the skin, as it keeps it healthy and radiant at all times. Made with 100% Aloe extract from Jeju island, it absorbs quickly and is non-sticky. Best results if placed in the refrigerator before applying.