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10 Korean Stars with Youtube Channels That You Should Follow

Despite their busy schedules more and more celebrities are turning to Youtube to share extra content outside of their work. Aside from utilizing the video platform to enjoy their other hobbies, it’s also a way for them to get closer with fans given the intimate nature of vlogging. Korean stars are no different as the list of K-actors and idols turned Youtubers continues to grow. 

Below we list down some of the most popular Korean celebs with successful Youtube channels to their name.

1. Park Seo Joon

For fans who want to get a closer look at Park Seo Joon's life, you'll surely get a kick out of his YouTube channel. The actor often uploads behind-the-scenes footage of his work and daily life, including his first reaction to when he got the iconic Park Saeroyi haircut for Itaewon Class. He's reportedly the first Korean male actor to amass one million subcribers on the platform.

2. IU

Much like Seo Joon, IU's channel is filled with behind-the-scenes videos from her concerts and K-dramas. She also occasionally posts hilarious and wholesome content, from mukbang challenges, candid self-interviews, to trolling her fans while "driving."

3. Sandara Park 

Whether you're missing 2ne1 or you just want to follow Sandara throughout her daily life and travel vlogs, Dara TV's here for you. Apart from posting dance and song covers, and various footages from work, the idol's also used the platform to show off her enviable fashion sense.  

4. Park Min Young

Top hallyu actress Park Min Young's channel is a treasure trove for fans who crave random content from her. After opening her YouTube just two months ago, Min Young's already quickly garnered an impressive half a million subscribers. She has 10 videos up as of writing, which includes the actress raiding her own bag, showing off her favorite food, and taking the MBTI test.

5. Ji Chang Wook

Similar to the other K-actors on the list, Ji Chang Wook often utilizes his channel to tour fans across the inner workings of his K-dramas. For his latest upload he posted a behind-the-scenes vlog for the finale of his recently concluded show Backstreet Rookie.


6. Solar (Mamamoo)

Solar of power vocal girl group Mamamoo has more to offer apart from her impeccable vocal range. The singer's channel is essentially a platform for her to try out various challenges, from dance covers, sky diving, getting her wisdom teeth removed, and a whole lot more. Heck, she's even tried camping out on a deserted island! With this amount of variety, coupled with her charming and bubbly personality, you'll definitely find yourself wanting more. Thankfully, Solar regularly uploads new videos twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.

7. Lisa (Blackpink)

Blackpink's Lisa first used her YouTube channel to share behind-the-scenes footage while on her group's world tour. Recently though she's been posting more dance covers for fans to enjoy. While she currently only has nine videos and doesn't have an official upload schedule, judging by the number of views, you can bet every post she makes is bound to be a hit.

8. Jessica Jung (Girls’ Generation)

Ex-SNSD member Jessica Jung has all the makings for a lifestyle vlogger. Her channel incorporates a wide range of topics from her daily makeup routine, to her experience at New York Fashion Week, to baking Tiramisu at home. Her sister Krystal Jung, formerly of girl group f(x), has made multiple guest apperances on her channel as well.

9. Baekhyun (EXO)

Another K-pop idol with a promising YouTube channel is EXO's Baekhyun. The singer takes fans on his daily schedules, plus more candid moments throughout his life, including exercising and playing with adorable corgis. Check out his latest vlog below.

10. Ahn Bo Hyun

Park Seo Joon's Itaewon Class co-star Ahn Bo Hyun also has a YT channel of his own. Follow the actor as he takes you through his travel vlogs, workout routines, magazine photoshoots, and more behind the scenes of his K-dramas.

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