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9 Winter Street Foods You Need To Try When In Korea

Korea’s winter lasts from late November to February and the temperature can range from as low as -20 degrees Celsius to warmer days of 6 degrees Celsius. So how do Koreans keep their tummies warm and happy? Here are some popular winter street foods to try if you manage to visit Korea before the cherry blossoms bloom!

What To Eat in Korea During Winter



Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped bread that is one of the most popular winter snacks in Korea. Inspired by the original Taiyaki from Japan, bungeoppang is often filled with sweet red bean filling. But as the street snack gained popularity, modern twists were made. 

This affordable snack can be filled with sweet red bean, custard cream, chocolate, sweet potato puree and ice cream! We heard there’s also a spicy paste version but it’s quite hard to find.

Sweet Potato

Photo credits: @ponzura1128 on Instagram

Imagine a piping hot sweet potato on a freezing winter day. Sweet potato is another popular winter street snack in Korea. Naturally sweet, it can be eaten alone or with mozzarella cheese and drizzled condensed milk for that extra oomph!

Our favourite combo is pairing it with some kimchi!


Easily spotted by its iconic oblong-shaped loaf, Gyeranppang is a fluffy sweet and savoury street snack made with pancake dough and a whole egg. Get to choose from plain, cheese or bacon gyeranppang and eat it on the go!


If you ever visited Korea, you will definitely catch a glimpse of people crowding around a store and eating from skewers. Skewered fish cake is one of the best things to eat during winter as their soup instantly warms you up amidst the cold. The best part of it all? The soup is refillable, so don’t be afraid to ask for a refill! 


Image Credit: @el08_08 on Instagram

Filled with cinnamon sugar that melts into gooey goodness, hotteoks can vary from sweet to savoury. Some commonly sold variations are fragrant seeds, green tea, japchae, cheese, red bean paste, and ice cream. If you want to find the japchae hotteok, head down to Namdaemun market in Seoul. If you want one filled with fragrant seeds, head over to Busan!

Roasted Chestnuts

Photo credits: Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

Sweet, buttery, and soft. That’s all we can think of when it comes to roasted chestnuts. Not only is it well-loved in Korea but worldwide too! It is just the perfect winter snack as it is served piping hot on the cold streets of Korea.


Photo credits: Cats Coming from Pexels

Jjin-ppang is basically a steamed bun that can be found with different fillings or flavours. From sweet to savoury, jjin-ppang is another versatile snack to eat during winter in Korea. It can even be found in convenience stores if you have a sudden craving during cold nights. Some popular flavours include red bean, mugwort, custard, chocolate and pork!


Photo credits: @arnyang on Instagram

Shaped like a walnut, hodu-gwaja is a pastry snack sweetened using red bean paste or custard. Just like the roasted chestnuts, hodu-gwaja is another perfect winter snack as it is served piping hot on the cold streets of Korea. It is also a common snack to dig into when visiting expressway rest stops. 


Everyone knows tteokbokki is one of Korea’s iconic street foods to eat when visiting Korea. Made with rice cakes, eomuk, boiled eggs and scallions. The sweet and spicy dish will leave you warm inside and out during winter. 

Must-Try Winter Foods in Korea

If you ever get to visit Korea before the winter ends, give these popular winter street foods a try! From sweet and savoury to spicy, there are many options available to keep your body warm. 

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