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CJ Begins Construction Of Korea’s First Arena Dedicated To Korean Pop And Culture

They will bring K-contents to a world-class level.

Recently, CJ Live City held a groundbreaking ceremony for the CJ Live City Arena, which will be Korea’s first arena and the world’s first K-Pop performance venue. At this event, they also announced its vision to establish a K-Pop content experience complex, including an arena to establish itself as the mecca for Hallyu fans.

CJ Live City Arena, which started construction on October 27, is the first arena in Korea that can accolade more than 20,000 indoors and 40,000 outdoors, and is the world’s first K-Pop performance hall. This arena is expected to be completed by 2024.

CJ Live City is not only an arena, but also a K-content experience complex, cultural content business facility, and landmark facility, and more. Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hwang Hee, attended the ceremony and stated, “This is great news for both domestic and international K-pop fans. There is also high expectation that it will lead not only our popular music industry, but also various cultural content industries such as the Hallyu tourism industry, to a world-class level.”

CJ ENM CEO Kang Ho Sung stated, “We plan to actively pursue investments to strengthen content production capabilities, expand infrastructure, and expand overseas business, beyond taking the lead in creating the world’s most loved K-Contents such as music, dramas, and entertainment shows.”

Blog source from koreaboo

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