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GOT7’s Mark Tuan drops intense teaser for upcoming solo single ‘Last Breath’

GOT7 member Mark Tuan has released a first look at the music video of his upcoming solo single ‘Last Breath’.

In the 15-second visual, Tuan looks up after washing his face in a grimy sink and notices something odd in the mirror. Tension builds as he realizes his reflection has seemingly taken a life of its own, before he shatters the mirror with a punch.

Tuan had first announced ‘Last Breath’ on October 22 with a cryptic teaser featuring a man, presumably the singer himself, fully clothed and submerged in a bathtub. ‘Last Breath’ is set to arrive on November 12.

Last week, the GOT7 member also took to Twitter to share a few concept photos from the upcoming release. The film-inspired stills feature Tuan in various locations, from a diner, to a gas station and a bathtub.

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