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Here’s How Offline Concerts Are Really Like During COVID-19 Times In Korea

With South Korea recently moving towards a “With Corona” approach, restrictions are slowly loosening and offline concerts are beginning to kick into gear. Not only did NCT 127 announce an offline solo concert in Seoul soon, WINNER‘s Mino just held his first solo concert on November 19, 2021.

However, despite the loosening in restrictions, concert-goers must strictly adhere to a series of rules, including social distancing of a seat between each audience members, no food and drinks in the venue, as well as to keep your mask on at all times. Not only that, audience members are not allowed to shout and cheer. They only can clap to show their su

While this may cause some awkward silences, Mino solved the problem by teasing his fans playfully using the rules instead. He beckoned for the fans to sing along with him, but quickly laughed at them jokingly instead.

He also came up with an adorable agreement with fans. One clap would be used to respond to when he tries to get everyone’s attention, while two claps would be used to express fun.
For ballad singers, the vibes could be very different. However, it still makes for a beautiful scene when fans silently wave their lightsticks in support.

Ha Sung Woon held a solo concert recently and the result was so touching that fans couldn’t help but express their emotions.

The performance can be watched below.

Another fun idea was from Jung Sewoon‘s showcase, where he gave out fans with “Yes” or “Cheer” on either side. These helped fans answer his questions without needing to shout.
Fansigns are no exception to the rule. MONSTA X held one of the very first face to face fansigns in Korea during the COVID-19 period. As always, no shouting was allowed. However, it made for hilarious moments as no matter what the boys said or did, the fans could only respond by clapping! Here’s Joohoney doing a cute lil’ shoulder dance.

Here’s to hoping everyone stays safe and abides by the rules to facilitate more concerts in these times!

Blog source from koreaboo

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