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Itaewon Station themed to the show- Squid Game

Squid Game is a drama in which 456 participants play children’s games such as Red Light, Green Light. Moreover, the title is a literal translation of a Korean tag game. The winner will get the big prize of 45.6 billion won. 


It sounds pretty easy and is rather appealing — especially that the contestants do all have some debts or have failed in life. However, what seemed like mere schoolyard games turned out to be a deadly survival competition, with no way back. In the trailer released on September 2, the players have no choice but to play after entering the playground.


Through September 18, one can get a glimpse of the games at Itaewon Station. The photozone features an actual playground and giant versions of gonggi nori, capsule toys and joystick games. The stairs have also been decorated to look like an invitation to the game. 


The photozone in Itaewon Station depicts the contrast between the schoolyard games and their brutality in the drama (Photos = Miangola Ramanoelina)


Should you say yes to the invitation and walk up outside the station, you could spot a simulation of the grand prize! An event for a chance to win Squid Game goods is also running. To participate, one simply needs to take photos on site and post them on SNS with the right hashtags! 


A big fan of survival, I have been looking forward to Squid Game since its production was announced in 2019. From its Hunger Games vibes, the drama differs in the way it is set in the present, and the contestants are not only young people but also adults and even elderly people.


Besides, the tagline “45.6 billions is child’s play” sums up pretty well the plot but also implies the lengths humans would go when cornered. Not such a new concept for the survival genre, nonetheless, the contrast with the innocence represented by the childhood games and the greed created by the rough competition is striking. And I am even more excited to watch it because of the superb cast! 

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