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Jay Park’s Won Soju Oversold 60,000 Bottles In 26 Minutes

“Due to the high demand, we are having difficulties fulfilling orders…”

To say Jay Park‘s Won Soju has been a hit is an understatement.


The soju brand revealed they would temporarily stop sales of their new liquor due to overwhelming demand.

Won Spirits released a statement on April 19 through their official Instagram, “Due to the high demand, we are having difficulties delivering the soju and may take up to the second week of May to fulfill orders. Until we can meet orders, we will not be taking new orders.”


According to Won Spirits, due to a fault in their system, a notice of sold-out failed to appear and allowed customers to purchase the liquor although it was already sold out.

It is being reported that the liquor was oversold by 63,000 bottles in only 26 minutes. The market value of the over-sold bottles is reported to be over ₩950 million KRW (about $766,000 USD).

The soju company stated they would not be taking on any new orders until they fulfilled all outstanding orders. The company stated they are having trouble fulfilling over 2000 orders a day.

Won Soju has been an absolute success since its launch. The company sold only up to 2000 bottles a day. Sales of the liquor begin at 11 am online and often sell out in 1-2 minutes.


Blog source from koreaboo.

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