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Korean Restaurants in Sydney

Binge-watching Korean Drama is becoming part of the normal for many non-Korean people in Sydney due to the lockdown of Covid-19. Currently popular are Korean dramas and movies largely due to the convenience of subtitles opening up the genre to fans around the globe. Korean dramas with food scenes are a subtext which influences people to crave Korean BBQ and other dishes. There’s a huge difference between Aussie and Korean BBQ. How they are cut, prepared, which part is best with the menu, what marinade to put them in (spicy, sweet and beyond), and ultimately cooked. Going to these restaurants gives you a glimpse of Korea’s culture and tastes. You cook as a group enjoying the stories and the flavours and aroma of the meat on the charcoal grill. Sounds nice? Here a batch of fantastic Korean restaurants in Sydney that serve a range of favourites from traditional to fusion. In no particular order and please check first if they are still operational as these are peculiar times & tragically a lot of wonderful cafes are falling on their swords at the moment …

Red Pepper Bistro
4A Lyons Street, Strathfield,
NSW 2135
02 9701 0911
Ever been drawn by the looks and sound of fried chicken? Then you are in for a treat at the Red Pepper Bistro. They have consistently juicy, crispy, and delicious chicken in a variety of styles and sauces. It is where the marriage of the most faithful Korean flavours with eccentric ingredients meet.

Sydney Madang
371A Pitt Street,
Sydney 2000
02 9264 7010
Madang is best known for their BBQ for lunch and dinner. They offer takeaway and delivery of your favourite marinated beef and pork meat at half the price. Also, stir-fried jungsik favourites and Bibimbap with tasty specialties and side dishes.

1/7 Albion Place
Sydney 2000
02 8084 9041
A step above the typical Korean BBQ that is on the level of authentic fine dining with a focus on the presentation and quality of the food they offer. They adhere to traditional tastes but also have fusion dishes. BBQs, hangover soup, bulgogi, and hotpot dishes to tickle your fancy. They also have vegetarian and spicy offerings to choose from.

More Cool Korean Things To Do In Sydney?

The threat of Covid19 calls for these places to offer food at the comfort of their customers’ own homes while watching Korean dramas. The popularity of Kdrama & Kpop among non-Koreans has opened new opportunities to discover joyful Korean things to do in Sydney. More than Korean cuisine there are k-pop dance classes to join, a Korean bathhouse on Help St, and if opting to stay indoors, Kdramaclicks to research Korean drama series for future binge-watching while enjoying delectable home-delivered Korean fare.

Myeong Dong
2/1 George Street,
North Strathfield
02 9746 8746
Banchan done right! These homemade sides range from eight to 13. Hot pot dishes for single diners to family-sized ones like the spicy pork rib with potato or spicy beef soup with spring onions. Another crowd favourite is the seafood pancake and delectable fried chicken.

Jonga Jip
87 Rowe Street
Eastwood 2122
02 9858 5160
Generous portions of the classic Korean food that you love. From rice, noodles, and BBQ dishes, there are lots to choose from -kimchi spicy noodles, chicken cutlets, and BBQ meats that have been in a marinade for hours! Beef noodle sopu, tofu soup with delicious side dishes for your meals.

korean food sydney restaurants chatswood bulgogi

380 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067
02 9410 3900
Bulgogi literally means Fire (bul) and Meat (gogi). Bulgogi will brighten your meetings with any kind of purpose such as formal business lunch, friends’ day out or family dinner, with a unique atmosphere of the restaurant with a classy and refined interior décor. Their delightful menus are based on Korean food culture are also outstanding, and they will give you great services with their friendly staff to assist you. Moreover, in the regard of their spacious hall of 120 seats and the fascinating selections on their function menu, they are brilliant for functions and they can stand comparison with other Korean restaurants in Sydney.

Jang Ta Bal
73-75 Liverpool Street,
Sydney 2134
Cheese pork ribs, scotch fillet, kimchi soup, japchae, and marbled wagyu beef! Hungry yet? It’s a feast indeed. One that you would remember for a long time. Delicious sides to complete your meal. Consistently good food and if you’ve been before you wouldn’t be disappointed on your next visit. If you like spicy try the spicy marinated raw crab. Don’t forget the cheesy pork ribs and get ready for that first pull.

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