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One of the World’s Prettiest Starbucks Stores Right Next To Seoul Express Bus Terminal

This outlet in Seoul is one of the top 7 most beautiful Starbucks outlets in the world. It’s located on the 3rd floor of Famille Station Mall, right next to the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul.

Starbucks Reserve Famille Park Interior
Image Credit: @kwon_semi on Instagram

Starbucks Famille Park in Seoul was built in 2014 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Starbucks entering Korea. It’s also the 800th store in Korea as well as a Starbucks Reserve outlet.

Starbucks Famille Park Centerpiece
Image Credit: @kwon_semi on Instagram

According to Starbucks Partners, the Famille Park store’s exterior is a geometric glass dome structure that invites customers to enjoy an “urban coffee forest” within the city.

The interior features wood and decorations that use eco-friendly materials such as burlap bags. Potted coffee trees are also placed around the store to bring nature into the space.

Starbucks Seoul Famille Park Interior
Image Credit: @slspsklove on Instagram

There’s also a gorgeous centerpiece décor with the Starbucks logo at the back.

Famille Park Starbucks Exterior Building
Image Credit: @i_am__charles on Instagram

Since it’s located right beside the Express Bus Terminal, it’ll make a great pitstop before your long bus rides to other regions of Korea. You can easily get to Starbucks Famille Park via subway by alighting at Express Bus Terminal Station, Exit 4. It’s located right in front of the JW Marriott Hotel Seoul.

Starbucks Reserve Famille Park
205 Sapyeong-daero, Banpo 4(sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Mon-Sun, 7am-10pm
Nearest Subway: Express Bus Terminal (Line 3, 7, 9) Exit 4

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