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Sam, William, And Bentley Hammington Say Farewell To “The Return Of Superman” With Heartwarming Event

On January 2, the Hammington family shared their heartfelt farewell to KBS’s “The Return of Superman”!

The Hammington family have been on the show since 2016. Sam Hammington won the Top Excellence in Variety Award at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards, and he won the Daesang along with the other “The Return of Superman” fathers at the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards. On November 19, it was confirmed that the family would be stepping down from the show, and Sam Hammington personally thanked fans for their support after the announcement.

From their time on the show, viewers watched William mature into a reliable older brother and Bentley grow up since his birth. In their final episode titled, “Could you perhaps remember us?” the Hammington family opened the WillBen Kitchen and ran a special restaurant in order to return their gratitude to the viewers who supported them during the five years. Sam Hammington and his two sons filled the event with love, deciding on the menu themselves and even personally cooking and serving the food.

The set menu for WillBen Kitchen included an Australian-style hot dog cooked by Sam Hammington, Bentley’s favorite food Vegemite, and orange juice that William had squeezed himself. The restaurant’s walls were also decorated with legendary moments from the show.

Before the restaurant opened, Sam Hammington’s wife Jung Yu Mi commented, “My tears keep flowing.” To Sam, she said, “Sam, you’ve worked very hard.” However, she also hilariously added, “What about my free time? Return my free time. My blissful free time during filming.”

When it was opening time, Bentley and William opened the doors to welcome the customers, who couldn’t help but smile at William’s and Bentley’s adorable attempts at helping as waiters although there were a few hiccups along the way.

After the shop closed down, a customer came knocking to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Sam Hammington while thanking him for his time on the show. To his surprise, all the customers showed up again to deliver flowers one at a time to the family. Sam Hammington teared up from the touching gestures, while William and Bentley hugged their dad to comfort him.

In the final interview, Sam Hammington shared, “Our children also received a tremendous amount of love, and they were able to experience so much thanks to ‘The Return of Superman.'” He added, “It was a really precious time for me.” Finally, Bentley and William also expressed their gratitude by sharing, “Thank you, and I love you!”

Blog source from soompi

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