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SNSD confirms 2022 comeback with all Girls' Generation members

SNSD, aka Girls’ Generation, has confirmed a 2022 comeback with all eight members just in time for the band’s 15th debut anniversary.

Fans are all over the moon over the news that Girls’ Generation will reunite as a full band this summer, 15 years ago after they released their first single.

Apart from the comeback, the band also confirmed a new album. Here’s everything you need to know about their announcement.


On May 17th, SM Entertainment announced the reunion of all eight members of Girls’ Generation which has been confirmed for August 2022. This is the band’s first comeback after five years.

“The legends are back! #GirlsGeneration will release an album as 8 members to celebrate their 15th anniversary this August!” Girls’ Generation tweeted.

The girls are gearing up for a brand new album alongside their reunion, 15 years after they rose to fame with their hit single Into The New World.

The band’s latest project, their sixth album Holiday Night, was released in August 2017.


Fans got very emotional after learning that the band will get together and many of them can’t wait for their reunion this summer.

“I would have waited forever for you girls but I’m just so happy that you’re back,” reacted one Twitter user.

Another one commented: “Girls are back! Girls’ Generation is back! Queens of K-pop are back!”

Someone else added: “We are finally getting a SNSD comeback, which means a new era and no more using this same photo for every news article.”


Ahead of the official announcement, many fans speculated that the band will get together after hints from several members.

In March 2022, Taeyeon was asked from one fan: “Will we be able to see SNSD coming back in 2022, since this year marks your 15th debut anniversary?” to which she replied: “Maybe? I think that’s possible.”

Fellow member Sooyoung dropped the next hint during a Q&A on her Instagram page. She answered questions about their potential reunion, asking her fans: “Are you ready?”

Well, no more speculations, Girls’ Generation will be back as a full group this summer!


Blog source from HITC

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