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More about SKIN1004

The Tone Brightening line is specifically formulated to treat hyperpigmentation, discoloration and inflammation all at once by brightening the skin tone. We took Madagascan Centella asiatica and amplified the Madecassoside content and combined it with high content of Niacinamide to boost a tone brightening eect. The Tone Brightening line is suitable for skin concerns of dullness, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation.

The Poremizing line is a collection of pore minimizing skincare products infused with Himalayan pink salt. To treat the fundamental causes of large pores, the Poremizing line removes dead skin cells, controls excess sebum, and cleanses impuritities in pore.

The HYALU-CICA line is a collection of moisturizing skincare products with SKIN1004's signature Hyalu-Cica Formula, the golden ratio of hyaluronic acid and cica. Moisturizing is essential to healthy skin and sometimes irritated and inflamed skin can be caused by lack of moisture. Hyalu-Cica products will add a burst of hydration and boost of calming to your skin with non-sticky and breathable finish.