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How To Reduce Dandruff And Hair Fall?

How To Reduce Dandruff And Hair Fall?

As we age, we might find problem of hair loss and dandruff. The majority of people first notice hair loss in their adult years, while some people start early in their teens. Hair loss can result from illness, stress, genetics, or many other factors, but it is always upsetting. Anyone who loses their hair may find it tough because it can significantly lower one's sense of self-confidence.

A frequent ailment that results in flaking skin on the scalp is dandruff. On your shoulders, this skin frequently flakes off, leaving behind white flakes. There is no doubt that hairfall and dandruff are very common problems that might happen together, but they can be cured! We recommend you to try Kloft products, like the shampoo, tonic and cleansers, that can help you in some way to resolve your problems with hairfall and dandruff.

Guidelines For Preventing Dandruff And Hair Fall

The good news is that dandruff is not a permanent condition and it can go away. The products mentioned below will prevent hair loss and dandruff, giving a natural shine to your hairs and they are also free from harmful ingredients. If you have dandruff, you must quickly take action and maintain a rigorous hair care routine to get rid of it. By routinely cleansing your hair, consuming lots of water, washing your hair with cold or room temperature water, while using an incredible Korean hair loss shampoo from Kloft, you can permanently get rid of dandruff. It will give your hair the strength and density it needs to develop. It will also stop hair fall and strengthens your hair from the roots up.
Some guidelines that will help in preventing dandruff and hair loss :

1. To prevent dandruff and hair fall you should use shampoos that contain salicylic acid and sulfur to treat scalp problems related to dandruff.

2. You should also wash your hair twice a week using natural shampoos that contain organic ingredients like almond oil or coconut oil.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as chemical shampoos or hard brushes on your hair as this may irritate your skin causing more dandruff problems.

4. You should also apply essential oils like tea tree oil or lavender oil on your scalp every night before going to bed to get rid of flakes from your head and prevent them from returning again.


Which Shampoo Is Good For Hair Fall And Dandruff ?

Its unique formulation for dandruff causes a 44% reduction in dead skin cells on the scalp and also controls the amount of oil and moisture on the scalp. Kloft has a shampoo from Dr. Groot which specializes in treating dandruff, with ingredients like Ginger, Japanese Cypress, Black Vinegar, Burdock Roots and Centella, these natural ingredients nourish the scalp and encourage strong, resilient hair.

  • Ginger : Stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair root and follicles. Additionally, the many fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals present in ginger can strengthen hair strands, which prevents hair loss
  • Japanese cypress : Promote hair growth
  • Black vinegar: Anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, rich in citric acid and amino acids provides natural moisturization
  • Burdock roots: Promote healthy hair growth, soothe inflammation and scalp conditions, and leave hair soft, smooth and shiny
  • Centella: Fortifying agent that nourishes the hair follicles. Wound healing and antidepressant abilities (stress-caused hair loss)

Formulated without silicone, sulphate or parabens, Dr Groot only uses Natural ingredients.


Many products on the market make the bold claim of getting rid of dandruff right from the scalp's roots, but very few of them actually work. Other treatments for dandruff takes time, but Kloft's Dr.Groot Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Tonic is a great place to start. It is an intense, rich essence that provides deep nourishment directly to the scalp. Destroys and inhibits the growth of bacteria to reduce scalp inflammation, and helps to cure and protect the scalp from eczema, acne, and itchiness. Contains a complex of 7 natural ingredients to nourish the scalp and encourage strong, resilient hair.

Best for scalp care and hair growth

Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser strengthens hair roots, boosts blood flow, encourages the growth of thicker hair, slows down the ageing process of the scalp, stops dandruff, soothes itching, and returns your scalp to its naturally healthy state. After washing, your scalp will feel clean, fresh, and cool.


It is observed that a large number of people suffer from hair fall and dandruff. The reason behind this may also be having a proper balance between our diet, sunlight, routine, and many other aspects to achieve healthy skin and hair.